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BMW X1 18d engine died- 2014 x drive

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  • BMW X1 18d engine died- 2014 x drive

    This Sunday, I drive the 2014 X1 18d on highway A72 and engine light comes up while driving. It has 12kmile on it. Bought from BMW dealer on 2014. Factory out date is 2014 Feb. Did the best to park car at road side and call insurance for towing and help. The car were sent to BMW dealer for check/repair.

    Today, the call from bmw mechanic said the engine “ steering chain” broken and engine died. Quite shock to the failure, it supposed to be a probability of 1/ 1billion.

    The car just had regular maintenance include all the oil/filter changed.

    I can not accept this probability and asked this is manufacturer defect. And it suppose lie under the corrosion warranty. Mechanic replied me he will consult the BMW Munich( headquarter) and give feedback to me.

    I had never heard a case of engine wear out but this time I am experiencing it! And it is a reliable BMW car as many said.
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    After talk to BMW headquarters. Some BMW cars are prone to the engine failures because of design issue.

    And my case is not special but it fails after 7years. It means some BMW engine is most unreliable engine in the world.

    here is some more information on USA. I bought a lesson this time by trusting BMW.