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BMW 325i Engine problem!!

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  • BMW 325i Engine problem!!

    Hi colleague , i am from bulgaria and have e92 325i n52b25 engine,I have one problem with my machine. if I push the kickdown and the car goes more than 2k rpm i have one very bad sound from the engine , like i have stones in engine(stones in engine and engine work like this) this sound is from 2k to 5krpm after this 5k rpm . If i drive more kilometers the car goes out in drive .. I stop, start and continue without problem i go for diagnostic and he show exhaust vanos error . Please help i try to make video and show the sound thanks!

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    what are the diagnostic codes? BMW VANOS System Fault Testing and Diagnosing
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        this might help you

        SI B12 14 12 Engine Electrical Systems
        SITUATION A rattling noise can be heard from the engine compartment; the engine loses power; and the Service Engine Soon lamp is illuminated. One or more of the following faults may be stored: E70, E71, E82, E88, E90, E91, E92 and E93:
        2A7C - VANOS, inlet, cold start
        2A82 - VANOS, intake, variable cam control test
        2A7A - VANOS, exhaust, cold start
        2A87 - VANOS, intake: control fault, camshaft sticking

        CAUSE One or both (intake and/or exhaust) of the VANOS gear assemblies may have faulty assembly bolts. One or more of the four assembly bolts have loosened or broken.

        1. Perform a DCS inquiry and search for any open recalls, if a recall is not completed for the VANOS gear assemblies then refer to the applicable Service Information bulletin that is identified in the DCS inquiry. If no open recalls exist then proceed to step 2.
        2. If the VANOS gear assembly bolts are found loose or broken, replace the affected VANOS gear assembly. Refer to Repair Instruction 11 36 046, “Removing and installing or replacing intake and exhaust camshaft units.” Additionally, the remaining undamaged VANOS gear assembly will need to have the updated bolts (P/N 11 36 8 602 263) installed. Refer to the attached document for VANOS gear bolt replacement procedures. The bolt replacement procedure must be performed when the vehicle’s engine is at room temperature. Performing the torque sequence described in the attachment when the engine is hot will result in inaccurate torque values.
        The ISTA/D repair instructions apply only to the VANOS gear assembly replacement. If both VANOS gear assembly bolts are found loose or broken then replace both VANOS gear assemblies. Refer to Repair Instruction 11 36 046, “Removing and installing or replacing intake and exhaust camshaft units.” If the bolts have been found broken, the missing portions of the bolts will need to be retrieved from the engine before the final repairs are made. This additional work may include removing the engine oil pan, and a close examination of the timing chain drive to retrieve the missing parts. Refer to the applicable repair instructions for oil pan removal procedures.

        Recall Campaign 14V-176: Replace VANOS Gear Bolts

        visit your BMW dealer and ask if there was also such a recall in Europe, this is for USA
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          Тhanks for info bro, tomorrow i will go in the sevice for my car.. cant wait to forget for this sound :X


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            This is the error codes from new diagnostics