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  • Baur-man

    Hello from the southeastern USA! I own a 1984 320i Baur built for the Belgian market, production date 6/83. It has a Getrag 240 five-speed transmission which is broken, and I need some information in order to get it running once again.

    First: where do I find a date of manufacture code on one of these transmissions? I need to do some cross-referencing (long story; you don't want to know).

    Second: does anyone happen to have a new-old-stock BMW# 23221224111 transmission output shaft spacer bushing for a Getrag 240 in their back pocket? That would solve the WHOLE PROBLEM . . . but I'm not holding my breath.

    To save everyone some time, I prefer not to replace the transmission with "something else" because that would necessitate changing the rest of the driveline --- and I've already rebuilt all of that. Besides, I prefer to keep my cars as original as possible.

    Jeff Dreibus
    Nebo, North Carolina

    And no, despite the surname I do not speak German . . . but I know how to translate so it's all good.

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    Hi Jeff, there is a Baur TC forum Germany, that is probably the the forum where most knowledge is for this rare model, you have to register there and ask for help
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